Heatmap & Session Recording

This section contains guides that will help you to customize the generation of heatmaps and the recording of sessions. By default, no changes in your tracking code or website are needed as everything works automatically.

Heatmaps let you view visually all clicks, mouse moves, and scroll activities of your visitors within a certain page. This helps you for example to find out where users think something is clickable but is not, whether there are parts of the page that are being barely viewed or interacted with, what your visitors are looking for, how much of the page is visible when users view your page, and more.

Session recordings let you view all activities such as clicks, mouse movements, scrolls, window resizes, page changes, and form interactions of a real visitor on a certain page. You can replay these interactions in a video to see exactly how a visitor interacted with your website. This way you understand their expectations, problems they may have, usage patterns, and more.

Heatmap & Session Recording is a plugin for Matomo (formerly Piwik) that can be purchased on the Matomo Marketplace. It is developed by InnoCraft, the makers of Matomo. If you want to learn more about this plugin we recommend having a look at the developer guides, the Heatmap User Guide, Session Recording User Guide, and the Heatmap & Session Recording FAQs.

We recommend to start with the setting up Heatmap & Session Recording guide.

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