Matomo Icon Font

We use a custom Matomo font in our UI to show icons. You can find the font in the repository as part of the Morpheus theme.

How to find the list of all available icons

You can find a list of all available icons by accessing your Matomo using below URL. Make sure to replace {REPLACE WITH YOUR MATOMO DOMAIN} with the domain/path to your Matomo. For the URL to work you need to have the development mode enabled and have at least admin access.

https://{REPLACE WITH YOUR MATOMO DOMAIN}/index.php?module=Morpheus&action=demo#icons

The available icons will be shown in the bottom of the page. Each icon has a CSS class name which starts with icon-. To enable the development mode you can run this command (don't do this in a production environment):

./console development:enable

How to show / use an icon in the UI

To use an icon, simply add the name of class for the icon to an element like this:

<span class="icon-add"></span>

Adding, changing or removing icons to the Matomo font

Follow below steps to add, change or remove an icon.

  • Download this file (use "File -> Save" in the browser): selection.json.
  • Go to
  • Upload the downloaded file in icomoon by clicking on "Import Icons".
  • Confirm the question "Would you like to use all settings from the selected file" with "Yes".
  • Now you can make changes to the font such as removing an icon by unselecting it.
  • To add a new icon enter a name and search for the icon. We only use icons from these three fonts if any possible:
    • Material Icons (preferred if a matching icon can be found here)
    • IcoMoon - Free or Font Awesome (depending on which one looks better in the app)
    • To add an icon simply select it.
  • Once you've made all needed changes, click in the bottom on "Generate Font".
    • If needed, you could change the position of the icon here and make further tweaks such as rotate it, but this is usually not needed.
  • Click on "Download".
  • Extract the downloaded zip file.
  • Copy the files from the font directory and the selection.json to plugins/Morpheus/font.
  • Generate the woff2 version of the font as it is not included automatically.
    • get woff2_compress e.g. via the woff2 debian package or similar packages for other distributions or compile it yourself as explained on
    • convert the .ttf file using woff2_compress matomo.ttf
    • there should now be a matomo.woff2
  • Update plugins/Morpheus/stylesheets/base/icons.css
    • Add a new CSS class for this icon. The style content in this class needs to mention the font character, for example \e609. You can find the correct value for this from the style.css file of the extracted zip file. Simply search for the icon name there to find the correct value.
    • Update cachebuster parameter of the four font URLs at the top of the file, for example url('plugins/Morpheus/fonts/matomo.woff2?rzeu9j') could become url('plugins/Morpheus/fonts/matomo.woff2?gt43xz'). The cache buster string can be any six digit random alphanumeric string as long as it's different from the previous one. Providing a new cache buster value will invalidate any old versions of the font in browser caches and force the new font to be used.
  • Update plugins/Morpheus/Controller.php by adding or removing the name of the changed icon in one of the available categories. If the icon is not appearing on the page, try clearing the cache ./console cache:clear.
  • Open https://{REPLACE WITH YOUR MATOMO DOMAIN}/index.php?module=Morpheus&action=demo#icons and check if the icon shows up correctly.
  • Update our LEGALNOTICE and mention or remove the name of the icon we added, changed or removed. You already find a list of icons we've been using so far in this file.