Matomo Tag Manager In Depth

This page is mostly aimed for Matomo contributors. If you are looking for instructions on how to extend the Tag Manager please also have a look at the Tag Manager Develop guides and the Tag Manager JS API reference.

What browsers do we support in the Tag Manager containers?

We support the same browsers as the JavaScript Tracker does.

Some tags, variables, or triggers may require newer browser versions though which can be fine as long as the code doesn't break in older browsers.

How do I minify the TagManager JavaScript file

Open the file javascripts/tagmanager.js. In the beginning of the file you will find a comment with instructions on how to minify the file like this:

 * To minify execute
 * cat javascripts/tagmanager.js ...

When I change tagmanager.js or a tag / trigger / variable how do I test these changes?

It's currently required to run the command ./console tagmanager:regenerate-released-containers to update all container JS files whenever you modify any of these files.