About this guide

Read this guide if

  • you'd like to know how the INI configuration system works
  • you'd like to know how your plugin can define its own configuration settings

Guide assumptions

This guide assumes that you:

  • can code in PHP,
  • and have a general understanding of extending Matomo (formerly Piwik) (if not, read our Getting Started guide).

Matomo Configuration

Matomo uses two methods to store configuration settings:

  • INI files in the config/ folder
  • Options which are persisted to the database

These methods are used by Matomo Core and should not be used by plugins. Plugins use a separate method of configuration described here.

INI configuration

INI configuration is explained in the INI configuration guide.


Some Matomo configuration settings are stored as Options. Options are just key value pairs persisted in the database. To learn more about options, read the documentation of the Option class.

To learn about how options are persisted in the MySQL backend, read about the Matomo database schema.

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