Matomo for WordPress

The Matomo Analytics for WordPress plugin lets users install a fully functioning Matomo within their WordPress in just a few seconds.

As a developer, you can create WordPress plugins that hook into our WordPress plugin to provide new functionality such as:

  • Showing metrics / reports in various places within WordPress. For example showing the number of visits of a currently viewed page in the WordPress admin bar. This gives users more context and insights.
  • Provide shortcuts to specific actions in Matomo. For example, a plugin may show a link to view the Page Overlay for a specific page with just one click while viewing a page.
  • Modify Matomo's tracking code to track more data out of the box
  • Add, remove or customise the behaviour of certain features within Matomo
  • Improve integration with other WordPress plugins (eg Ecommerce, forms, ...)
  • And much more, the sky is the limit!


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