Providing updates

Change notifications

To add "What's new?" change notifications for your plugin, create a changes.json file in your plugin folder containing JSON data to describe each change.

    "title":       "New feature x added",
    "description": "Now you can do a with b like this",
    "version":     "4.0.2",
    "link_name":   "For more information go here",
    "link":        ""
    "title":       "New feature y added",
    "description": "Now you can do c with d like this.",
    "version":     "4.0.1"
Key Description
title A short heading describing the change.
description Body text describing the change in more detail, HTML may be used.
version The version of the plugin in which this changes was made.
link_name Display name of a link to be shown underneath the change description, optional.
link URL of the link, optional.

Whenever a plugin is installed or updated any new entries in the changes.json file will be loaded into the changes database table and shown when the "What's New?" menu icon is clicked. Change notifications are loaded in the same order as they appear in the changes.json file and will be shown for ninety days from the date that they were loaded.